What do I need to do to start?

After booking an appointment, you should arrive ten minutes early to fill out a brief questionnaire to help your instructor understand any health issues or injuries you may have to tailor your workout to your current fitness level. You should wear comfortable clothes, usually a fitted t-shirt, exercise pants and socks, so your teacher can see how your body is working and moving. You do not need to be a member of Quads Gym to workout at Pilates@Quads.

What can I expect in my session?

The Pilates Method is a series of exercises designed to strengthen and elongate the body with the mind's active and focused concentration. Most sessions are 50-55 minutes long but may be shorter at the instructor's discretion. In the beginning, most of the work focuses on strengthening the 'powerhouse', the area between the rib cage and the pelvis, the center of your body.

I haven't worked out in long time, am I too out of shape to start?

No, Pilates is a great start to a healthy lifestyle. Every private session is customized to give your body the best workout for its strengths and weaknesses. As your body changes so does your workout. You build on each prior session, adding depth to the exercises you learned in the beginning and add new exercises as you improve strength and control.

Am I too old/young to take Pilates?

Throughout your lifetime the body changes continually and the Pilates method adapts to the challenges and strengths of all ages.

Can men benefit from Pilates?

Joe Pilates developed his system of exercise primarily on men, on wounded and ill soldiers during WWI and while training boxers. Building a strong core helps to protect the back and improve efficiency with golf, tennis or weightlifting, especially for "week-end warriors". Pilates increases flexibility for a greater range of motion and ease of movement necessary for sports like skiing or basketball.