Private Lessons

Private sessions are the ideal way to study Pilates as the exercises and apparatus are chosen to meet your specific needs. Privates can best accommodate most injuries, such as bad knees or a sore back and are effective for people at any fitness level. A private session generally includes Matwork, and use of the Reformer; Cadillac, Wunda chair, barrels and other apparatus may also be included.

Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-privates are also called "duets" and work well for two people who have similar experience with Pilates. Matwork, reformer and "Tower" (similar to Cadillac) work is included in most duets.

Group Mat Lessons

Small Group Mat classes are a good introduction to Pilates at an affordable rate. Not only can you experience the core strengthening benefits of Pilates but also the mind-body connection which improves focus and concentration. With only four persons in a class, you don't have to sacrifice personal attention for affordable Pilates instruction. These classes run at set times with additional times available upon request. Any missed classes can only be made up with instructor's permission.

Tower Trios

Tower Trios are for three people working at the same time and offers more than a mat class by including Cadillac exercises done either with a Tower unit or a Cadillac. The added resistance of this equipment deepens the intensity of the work. Trios are available only to those who have completed the Mat class or have already taken ten privates or duets.